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6 New Tequila Holiday Cocktails You Have To Try

Trying these six new tequila holiday cocktails will add flair and fun to your next party this winter.

Tequila is the basis for some of the hottest holiday cocktail recipes of the season. 

Tequila drinks are an unexpected change from your traditional vodka or rum, and they are sure to be a massive hit at your next get-together. These holiday tequila cocktails feature our very own Rosa Blanco and Añejo tequilas and are the pinnacle of sophistication.

If you think tequila is just for summer, think again. Tequila cocktails are ideal for the holidays too!

Is tequila good for mixed drinks?

In a word, yes! Tequila is great for mixed drinks, especially when it's premium, boutique tequila that's been aged with care. 

Our Rosa Blanco tequila has lovely notes of honey, cherry, orange, and berry notes with just a hint of strawberry, perfect for adding depth to and brightening up just about any cocktail. It's even good all on its own with cranberry juice or any cocktail with lime wedges or lime juice. So try your next cranberry cocktail with Rosa Blanco crowned with some fresh lime juice.

Our Añejo has deep notes of chocolate and caramel, thanks to a lengthy aging and cultivation process. It's an award-winning blend that Forbes featured as one of its top tequilas. It pairs exceptionally with vanilla cocktails and adds a deep, earthy note to all of your holiday favorites. Silver tequila is excellent for classics too.

Think outside of the cranberry margarita box this holiday season. Tequila is a fabulous liquor to experiment with. You can come up with so many decadent, delicious combinations and riffs on old classic recipes. 

What is a good mixer for tequila?

You can mix tequila with pretty much anything if you get the proportions down right. Tequila and lime juice are a match made in heaven. 

Tequila always plays well with ginger beer, orange liqueur, white cranberry juice, elderflower liqueur, cranberry juice, coconut juice, and club soda. Try your cocktail with coffee liquor and heavy cream served over ice for a holiday twist that's a fun take on hot chocolate.

Consider the tequila's notes. Brighter tequilas with berry flavors like Rosa Blanco taste amazing with lime, Campari, orange juice, maraschino cherry liqueur, lime juice, or orange liqueur. Deeper, chocolatey tequilas like Añejo taste great as part of an Espresso Martini or new take on a Mexican Boulevardier.

Holiday tequila drinks

These fantastic holiday tequila drinks will put your guests in a festive mood in no time! Try them at your next holiday party or happy hour. They're a nice change from cranberry margaritas, Grand Marnier, and traditional rum drinks.


The Rosatini is bound to become your go-to holiday favorite recipe quickly. This delicious tequila cocktail is an inspired combination of Calirosa Rosa Blanco, lime juice, maraschino liqueur, pink grapefruit, cranberry juice, and some simple syrup. Complete the cocktail with a few sprinkles of bitters. Pop the whole thing into a chilled shaker with ice and combine vigorously.

Strain and pour it out into a coupe or martini glass, and garnish the cocktail with a lemon twist and a few drops of lemon oil. You can also garnish it with some frozen cranberries or sugared cranberries. The lemon twist and frozen cranberries are optional, but they do lend a sophisticated air and a punchy color combination to the Rosatini.

These cocktails are beautiful, easy to make, and full of both unexpected and delicious flavors that will be sure to have your guests swooning while they sip.

Expresso Martini

The traditional Expresso Martini gets an upgrade with Calirosa Añejo tequila. The deep, caramel flavors of this tequila play well with the espresso and coffee liquor. It also adds a deep, nuanced flavor to the cocktail itself. One of the great things about this drink is that it's a chic variation on a familiar classic.

To make this recipe, you can use one-shot full of espresso or Mexican coffee if you wish. Either is acceptable for the base of the drink; just make sure that it's fresh and chilled. Combine your coffee with 75 ounces of coffee-flavored liquor and two ounces of our chilled Calirosa Añejo. The crowning touch is just a quarter ounce of agave nectar to give it a little bit of sweetness.

Shake your upgraded Expresso Martini in a chilled shaker with ice until all of the ingredients are perfectly combined, then strain to individual martini glasses. You can garnish the cocktail with a few espresso beans. Chocolate-covered espresso beans work well too and add another refreshing element of flavor. You can put some salt on the rim to offset the sugar if you wish.

This martini is an impressive after-dinner drink or an excellent beverage for your guests to sip at the next cocktail, Christmas, or holiday party. It goes well with desserts and light hors' de oeuvres.

Mexican Boulevardier

The Mexican Boulevardier is a simple, sophisticated drink that relies on the quality of its ingredients to shine. First, you need to start off with some premium tequila. Calirosa Añejo, with its barrel-aged ingredients and depth of flavor, really can do the trick. Next, you need some Campari and a bit of sweet vermouth.

Mix one-and-a-half ounces of our premium Calirosa Añejo with an ounce of sweet vermouth and three-fourths of an ounce of Campari in a chilled shaker or mixing glass. Add in some ice and shake vigorously until all of the ingredients are thoroughly combined.

Serve your Mexican Boulevardier in a handsome rocks glass with an orange peel curl. It's a lovely variation on a traditional Boulevardier and much more festive than a standard Old Fashioned. Served in holiday glasses, these cocktails are perfect for holiday celebrations. 

Boulevardiers are riffs on Negronis, and the addition of Calirosa Añejo gives it a hint of sugar and a smoky depth that's perfectly warming for the winter months. 

As with many simple drinks, you need excellent ingredients for the Mexican Boulevardier. Make sure that your vermouth and Campari are fresh and of good quality, and always use a boutique tequila like our Calirosa Añejo.  

Negroni Rosa

Like the Boulevardier, the Negroni has been around for decades and is revered as one of the staple drinks for a fantastic cocktail party. The Negroni Rosa recipe takes the original concept of the Negroni and elevates it, incorporating Calirosa Rosa Blanco into the mix for a punchy burst of berries and honey instead of your standard gin.

Start with a chilled mixing glass or strainer with ice, and then add in one-and-a-half ounces of Calirosa Rosa Blanco, an ounce of Campari, and an ounce of sweet vermouth. Shake over ice for at least ten seconds, then pour your mixture into a sturdy rocks glass. You can serve it neat or over ice. If you're making individual Negroni Rosas for your guests, you can customize each of their glasses with a unique garnish.

You can garnish your drink with mint, a sliver of lemon peel, or a lime wedge. The lemon or lime pairs amazingly well with the Calirosa Rosa Blanco and adds just the right amount of bite to the drink. Negroni Rosas are ideal pre-dinner cocktails or great for serving with some tasty tapas. They work well with finger food, seafood hors d'oeuvres, and dips.

There's another compelling reason why you might want to consider serving the Negroni Rosa at your next holiday get-together. Many holiday-themed drinks are very sweet, but this one has a refreshing bitterness to it and a bite of lime. It's a great counterbalance to heavy holiday foods.

Cali Choco

If you want to serve something sweet but undeniably grown-up, consider putting a Cali Choco on your next holiday drinks menu. This recipe has it all; decadent Calirosa Añejo tequila, heavy cream, Kahlua, and creme de cacao. It's a perfectly balanced, chic, and sweet beverage that will put your guests in a jolly mood.

First, you need a chilled mixing glass with plenty of ice. Add in two ounces of Calirosa Añejo and one ounce each of Kahlua and heavy cream. Top it with a few sprinkles of Angostura bitters and half an ounce of creme de cacao. For flavor and creaminess, toss in one egg yolk.

Shake vigorously so that everything is thoroughly blended. To make it easier to combine, you might want to whisk your egg yolk before putting it into the shaker. If you're making Cali Chocos for people who don't eat eggs, or you want to omit the raw egg, you can certainly do so. Serve immediately.

Once everything is all mixed together, it's time for the presentation. Get a large glass coffee mug or rocks glass and strain your Cali Choco into it. Top the whole thing off with a generous sprinkle of cinnamon. It's the ideal Christmas drink.

Jalisco Punch

Jalisco Punch is a tasty change from traditional winter punches like cranberry sangria and contains all of those fruity and delicious holiday flavors that your guests will be craving. You have to do a little legwork with this holiday punch, but it's all worth it in the end.

One of the ingredients is homemade pomegranate cordial. You make it the same way that you'd prepare simple syrup. Mix ten ounces of pomegranate juice with five ounces of curacao. Add sugar and cinnamon sticks. Let the mixture simmer for a few minutes. Take out the cinnamon sticks, and your cordial is all set.

Next, assemble your tequila punch. Add a whole bottle of Calirosa Rosa Blanco to a festive punch bowl. Mix in your homemade cordial, sparkling lemon water, and a cinnamon stick. Garnish with limes, apple, mint, fresh cranberries, and it's ready to serve.

If you don't like sparkling lemon water, you can use orange juice or white cranberry juice instead. A touch of agave nectar can sweeten it up nicely as well, and some triple sec makes it pleasant and sour like your favorite margaritas.

You can make single servings or larger batches of the vast majority of these drinks, making them perfect for parties and the holidays. 

So take a rest from vodka, whisky, and gin. Your guests will love these fantastic tequila holiday drinks. 

If it's time for you to upgrade some of your old classics, make sure that you put these new holiday cocktails on the menu. They're a festive and fun way to use tequila, and you might even find a new holiday favorite. Happy Holidays!


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