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How To Plan a Fancy Luxury Picnic This Spring

A luxury picnic with charcuterie, boho decor and, of course, tequila is the ultimate way to welcome in springtime.

There’s something nostalgic about planning a perfect spring picnic–the process of packing up a straw basket with your favorite treats, scouting the idyllic patch of earth that’s partly shaded, staging an amazing display that makes passerbys’ eye’s linger and spending carefree hours with friends. 

Now, imagine adding tequila to your setup.

We’re not saying let’s start the trend of picnic shots–if you know Calirosa, you know we advocate for quality sipping tequila, that is also versatile in a wide style of cocktails, from tequila negronis to tequila old fashioneds

Our Pink Spritz, however, is probably the most refreshing sipper for a pop up picnic.

While tequila is undoubtedly always a part of our mobile party there are a number of other key elements to pulling off a successful and luxury picnic. 

First thing’s first

We know it's going to be fancy, but before you go any further, decide the occasion and choose the perfect location for your luxury picnic. 

Do you want it at the beach, your favorite park, or your backyard? Who are your guests? Is this a special event, a date night or a friend's outing where you'll be packing a luxury picnic basket for 6?

Choose an aesthetic 

Next up, you need to select the aesthetic of your picnic–once this is set, only items that are relevant to the theme should be packed. 

We know picnics originated with checkered blankets but we’re all about the DIY boho picnic vibe, where packable recycled wool throws or neutral linen Turkish towels effortlessly elevate your setup. 

Set a time

Decide what time of day you want your picnic–we love a late afternoon transition into early evening happy hour, which beckons light hors-d’oeuvres that are as easily packable as they are presentable. 

A mix of charcuterie, cheese, sliced baguette and olives creates a delectable spread, while offering variety in flavors, color, and texture for both palette and aesthetic purposes.

Simplicity Can Still Be Luxury

A three piece plate setting may be visually stunning, but lugging all of it with you subtracts from the luxury feel of it all. Opt for an oversized and weathered wooden board to display your chef inspired charcuterie and surround it with skillfully rolled cloth napkins tied with raffi. 

Bar Setup

Once you’ve unpacked your picnic basket, don’t just toss it in the corner until you’re done, make it a prop! We prefer flat-head baskets as they are easily converted to a mini bar where you can arrange your cocktail station. 

Line up a set of chic acrylic glasses aside your Calirosa Rosa Blanco tequila, Aperol, tonic, soda water and pre-quartered grapefruit with perhaps a sprig of thyme to really connect to the outdoors setting. 

Encourage your guests to play around with ratios as they make their own Pink tequila spritz, just make sure they cover the ice bin up and keep it in the shade. 

It’s all in the details

There’s a lot you can do with a little–keep it tactful. 

Arrive early and harvest nearby fresh flowers or fallen branches for a few rustic bouquets that add boho charm. Set up a delicate string of solar-powered fairy lights around your foraged bounty, draping them off a nearby branch if the setting allows. Since this picnic decor takes up little room, you’ll have space for cute cushions; added design and luxurious comfort. 

Finally, remember to have fun and leave your natural surroundings how you found them. And be prepared! Once you successfully pull off a DIY luxury picnic, your loved ones will be begging for your tips on how to set up a picnic and other luxurious picnic ideas. 

Don't be shy, maybe next time they'll play host.


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