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National Red Wine Day: The Beverage That Makes Calirosa Tequila Unique

National Red Wine Day is the day to enjoy your favorite red or white wines. So pour a glass and learn how red wine plays a unique role in making our premium tequila.

National Red Wine Day 2022 is coming up soon - and it is time to celebrate! Of course, red wine is an integral part of how many people live life to the fullest. But did you know it can even make your favorite tequila just that much better? 

Calirosa has many of its unique flavors due to the aging process in California red wine barrels. And after experiencing red wine barrel aged tequila for themselves in 2018, Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo knew they wanted to find a way to share this vibrant new tequila experience to a broader audience that you can now enjoy today.

Keep reading to learn everything you should know about National Red Wine Day and the role red wine plays in Calirosa Tequila. 

When Is National Red Wine Day 2022? 

2022's National Red Wine Day is coming to us at the end of the month on August 28th. As a celebration of red wine and all things red wine-related, it's great to have an excuse to splurge or kick back and relax. But don't worry if you miss it - it's on the same day every year to bring you annual red wine fun. You may be wondering what this holiday is and how you celebrate it, so keep reading to find out! 

What is National Red Wine Day? 

The history of wine is long and storied. While people have probably been drinking wine for much longer, we can trace wine consumption to at least 4100 BCE in Armenia. Over the centuries, wine became more and more popular, eventually getting into the hands of everyone's favorite historical wine lovers - the Greeks. 

Wine throughout history has been important for trade, religion, health, and in some cases as a replacement for clean water if none was available. Today, red wine comes from all over the world, grown in many different conditions. And some of the best red wine will age in barrels right in our backyard, located in California. 

National Red Wine Day is a relatively new holiday, but it is for sure worth celebrating. The idea is that you can throw all of the "rules" around drinking wine out the window for one day. So whether it is a special splurge of your favorite bottle or an old and reasonably priced favorite, they all deserve an uncorking today. 

This year, National Red Wine Day falls on a Sunday, so you can even throw out all those traditional societal rules. Instead, take advantage of this unusual occurrence for a little extra pizzazz. Sangria for brunch, or new glass for lunch, it's five o'clock somewhere! 

So why would you not celebrate such an important beverage in our human history? Red wine is essential for many different drinks, not the least of which is our very own Calirosa Tequila. So let us get to the heart of the matter and learn why red wine is so important to us. 

Why is Calirosa Tequila Celebrating National Red Wine Day? 

Red wine is one of the key reasons why Calirosa Tequila is so unique. So we set out to revolutionize the tequila market with something entirely new - and altogether delicious.

If you've ever seen one of our bottles, you may have wondered what lends our tequila such a vibrant rosy glow. Wonder no longer, as it is all down to our prized California red wine barrels. Calirosa Tequila ages in California prized red wine barrels that express the fusion of Mexico's spirit and the vibrance of California.

Calirosa has created three distinctly exquisite tequila options for a whole new drinking experience within these red wine barrels. In a way, red wine is practically necessary for our beautiful tequilas even to exist! And, of course, we want to honor and celebrate what makes us, us. 

Our Rosa Blanco is our most agave forward option aged in local California red wine barrels for 30 days to give a light pink hue while maintaining lovely tasting notes. Our Añejo ages for 18 months in those same red wine barrels for unique, more potent, and darker notes and the appearance of aged wine.

While a fantastic drinking experience all on its own, we understand that on National Red Wine Day, you may want to experiment a little. Whether it's trying our delicious cocktail recipes or finding the nearest Calirosa Tequila near you, it's going to be a great day. So let's check out some of the other things that make Calirosa Tequila so unique! 

The Ingredients

Our red wine barrel-aged tequila only uses the best water and ingredients. Our water comes directly from the agave fields surrounding the distillery (the same agave that goes into our tequila). It is purified and distilled in-house after being drawn from our wells - consistency and quality are what we pride ourselves in with our tequila. 

We harvest all of the agave used from under the shadows of the Tequila Volcano. Therefore, only 100% Blue Weber agaves at the peak of maturation (which can be anywhere from 7-9 years old) are selected to use in our tequilas. This type of agave at this age reaches its highest sugar content of more than 26%. 

This sugar content is higher than the industry standard, which lingers around 22-24%. More sugar content means less harsh and bitter tonalities that characterize cheap tequila - it's all down to the ingredients here. To increase this superior flavor, Calirosa doesn't cut corners and uses up to 9 kilos of agave per liter of tequila, again higher than your industry average at about 7-8 kilos per liter. 

And, of course, let's not forget those red wine barrels that lend a creamy quality to the flavor. We source them from only the most prestigious wine regions of California. 

Tasting Profile

Even though each of our three tequila options has the same ingredients and master distiller, the aging process can significantly change the tasting profile and coloring. So let's look at our three different tequilas and how they taste.

Rosa Blanco 

As we previously mentioned, this tequila is aged for 30 days, giving it a lovely light flavor you might not be used to from tequila. In addition, you can expect unique fruity aroma combinations such as strawberry, raspberry, sweet agave, and sweet honey. Flavor-wise, you'll be surprised to taste orange, cherry, and dark berry notes behind the strong agave forefront. If you're beginning to get into tequila tasting, this can be an excellent debut on the scene - and if you already know you love tequila, we're sure it will surprise you! 


The particular notes you can expect to linger while sitting in its red wine barrels for eighteen months are vanilla, caramel, nutmeg, and chocolate. Flavor-wise, expect well-roundedness with hints of toffee and cinnamon. As always with our tequilas, you know the red wine barrels lend a creaminess that smooths discordant notes and provides an excellent drinking experience. 

Extra Añejo 

As we already mentioned, you'll need to sign up to be the first to know when you can experience our Extra Añejo. With its oak notes intensified and bringing along with it more decadent vanilla and caramel undertones, this will be a tequila worth the wait. 

In the meantime, keep your anticipation up while experiencing Rosa Blanco and Añejo!

Master Distiller

Every tequila house needs its master distiller. Enter Luis Trejo Rodriguez, a third-generation tequila maker, who learned the art of distillation from his father and grandfather in the agave fields of Jalisco, Mexico. For over 15 years, Rodriguez has proudly worn the title of Master Distiller, and he now ensures the unwavering quality and consistency of Calirosa. 

The Real family produces Calirosa, and it's a family company that prides ingenuity, quality, creativity, and uncompromising traditional spirit. This is evidenced by the Real family being the first to age their tequilas in those famous red wine barrels, and they've been doing it all since 1942. 

What Else Should You Know? 

Some of our prized tequilas are aging as we wait for National Red Wine Day 2021, be sure to stay up to date with us for more surprises later this year and next year! You don't want to miss out on our incredible creations, which are sure to be the talk of your next social gathering this summer. Don't worry. Depending on where you live, you can shop online for our red wine barrel-aged tequilas today or find them in a store near you

Experience Calirosa Tequila for yourself today!


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