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Rosa Blanco and its Delicious Flavors

Curious to learn more about our Rosa Blanco? Read our latest post that answers questions regarding the manufacturing process of red wine barrel-aged tequila and more.

Rosa Blanco is a very flavorful tequila with notes of honey, raspberry, and strawberry scents. It is aged in red-wine barrels for 30 days at the Tequila Selecto de Amatitan distillery.

Want to learn more about Rosa Blanco and pink tequila refreshments? We have created a guide that answers questions regarding the manufacturing process of red wine barrel-aged tequila as well as what pink tequila tastes like.

How is Rose Tequila Made?

Have you ever wondered: how is pink tequila made? The agave used to make our pink tequila is harvested in the valley and highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. 

Our company picks only 100 percent Blue Weber agaves and harvests when there is the highest sugar content (between seven and nine years of growth). The sugar content of the agaves needs to be at least 26 percent before the harvesting begins.

The manufacturing process has been nearly identical for several generations. Calirosa Tequila products, including Rosa Blanco, are made in small batches with superior craftsmanship. As such, only a limited number of bottles can be delivered to the world each day. 

The Cooking Process

The agave is cooked in traditional brick ovens instead of steel ovens. By taking this approach, the process allows for a very slow cooking method while accentuating flavor from the agave.

In fact, it takes anywhere from 30 to 40 hours to complete the cooking process and another 48 hours to let it rest in the oven. While many tequila brands take only seven hours to cook agave, our wine-aged tequila takes at least 78 hours to complete the cooking process.

This elongated process ensures that the smell and taste of the pink tequila are unique in both color and flavor. Our customers love the citrus tastes of our pink tequila.

The Fermentation Process

For the fermentation process, we use our own natural yeast found onsite in our distillery. We do not seek out any commercial yeast products, unlike some of our competitors.

As such, our fermentation process is incredibly unique and cannot be imitated. Our agaves are milled in a typical way and fermented for 36 to 50 hours. This length of time is far longer than the quality standards in the tequila industry. 

The fermentation process further brings out the aroma and flavors of our red wine aged tequila. After fermentation, the beverage needs to undergo distillation and an aging process.

The Distillation Process

We use traditional, old-fashioned copper pot stills to distill our product. Two distillations occur for each batch. The copper pot stills are handcrafted and haven’t needed a replacement for several generations.  

This equipment will keep each batch tasting as delicious and flavorful as the pink tequilas from 100 years ago. We also ensure that at least 9 kilograms of agave are used for every liter of tequila. 

Along with our cooking and fermentation methods, our distillation process provides the best batches of tequila.

The Aging Process

All of our Calirosa Tequila refreshments are aged in red wine barrels in the Mexican state of Jalisco. The Rosa Blanco beverages from Calirosa Tequila are aged in wine barrels for 30 days.

Our Anejo refreshments take 18 months of aging, while our Extra Anejo takes a total of 36 months to age until perfection. 

These long aging processes will, once again, ensure that the most flavorful scents and tastes are available once the beverages are bottled. The berry flavors and citrus tastes of Rosa Blanco stand out among competitors.

Where is Calirosa Made?

Have you ever searched, “Calirosa tequila near me” or “where is Calirosa from”? You will be glad to learn that, on our website, you can search for a store selling Calirosa Tequila products near you. There are many such stores located in Texas, California, and Florida and more stores being added frequently.

If you want to know where this pink tequila is originally made, you’ll want to take a visit to the Mexican state of Jalisco, which is where the distillery is located. Our founders, Don Roberto and Don Fernando Real, are responsible for producing Calirosa Tequila in a distillery within the area of Amatitan: NOM 1459. 

The Rosa Blanco tequila refreshment is made using both influences from Mexico and the state of California.

Does Rosa Blanco Have Any Celebrity Endorsements?

If celebrity endorsements pique your interest, you will want to try out the Adam Levine tequila and Behati Prinsloo tequila that is, Calirosa. 

American singer and musician Adam Levine has endorsed Calirosa’s Rosa Blanco and Anejo tequilas along with his wife, model Behati Prinsloo. The pair have invested in the distillery, making it clear that they genuinely believe in the quality of the Calirosa products.

Why is Tequila Pink?

Tequila can be aged to become a pink color when it is left in red wine barrels for an extended period of time. The Rosa Blanco tequila has a rose color due to its being aged in red wine barrels for one month. 

Many today are choosing the Rosa Blanco tequila instead of a rose-colored wine. It makes a great drink on a hot summer day. Its gorgeous pink color looks exquisite, while its taste of cherry and orange flavors makes it stand out among the rest.

What Does Rosa Blanco Tequila Taste Like?

Rosa Blanco has a bright and clear look with a rosy hue. It has a raspberry and strawberry aroma along with scents of honey and agave. 

Where taste is concerned, you won’t be disappointed. The texture in your mouth is creamy, and you’ll enjoy the notes of berries and sweet agave. Best of all, it has a long finish, so you’ll be enjoying the taste for several minutes after you’re done.

If you are interested in trying out a new kind of tequila, you just can’t go wrong with a drink of Rosa Blanco. Find us at your local liquor store.


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