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Tequila Paloma: How to Make the Perfect Paloma Rosa

Who doesn't love a great Paloma? The light and refreshing pink cocktail is the perfect match for our Rosa Blanco tequila.

Let's face it: sometimes, we need a drink that can bring out the fun in all of us. That's where the Paloma Rosa comes in. Salty and sweet, this tequila cocktail mixed with our Rosa Blanco tequila will liven things up at any party. 

Ah, the Paloma Rosa – a refreshing grapefruit juice-based cocktail with zesty lime to tie all the citrus flavors together. Mixed initially with grapefruit soda or fresh grapefruit juice and tequila, the Paloma Rosa has become one of the new It Drinks in the past few years.

You're giving friends or loved ones a taste of class and spark with a bit of the right kind of tequila – we won't lie and say something else is better than our Calirosa Rosa Blanco. Made with fresh ingredients in Jalisco, our tequila is made with you in mind.

Let's break down what you need for that perfect Tequila Paloma. But first, a brief history of this cocktail.

What tequila is used in a Tequila Paloma? 

Meant as a simple cocktail with few ingredients, the Tequila Paloma is a drink designed for those who enjoy a little color with their libation. Texas Monthly has pegged it as the most famous cocktail in Mexico outside the Margarita and the Tequila Sunrise.  

Mixed with grapefruit sodas, tequila, and lime juice, this Mexican Paloma cocktail can be simple or made fancy with a lime wedge or a grapefruit wedge. The taste and sweetness combined with a salted rim glass with ice are delicious flavors to savor.

But, any good cocktail is only as good as the tequila included in it, so with that we present Rosa Blanco tequila to give you the best quality Paloma.

The History of the Tequila Paloma

No one can firmly nail down the moment the Tequila Paloma was born. In fact, there's even some confusion as to why it's called a Paloma – the Spanish word for "dove." The Texas Monthly presents a theory we’re on board with: this simple yet delicious cocktail’s name may have been confused over time, mistakenly evolving from its original name of pomelo, the Spanish word for grapefruit. 

Considering tequila has a way with people, no one would be surprised if they got a little loose with the language. Still, with the cocktail gaining popularity worldwide over the past several decades, this traditional pink tequila drink went from a simple two-ingredient drink to something more ornate and fashionable. Of course, it must be the pinch of salt or the freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.

How to Make A Paloma Tequila

Here's our best Paloma recipe. Rim your glass with Pink Himalayan salt, combine and stir your ingredients, and add ice. Don't forget the pink grapefruit slice for garnish (and a bit of sophistication).

  • 1.5 oz Calirosa Rosa Blanco
  • 1 oz Lime Juice
  • .5 oz Agave Nectar Simple Syrup
  • 3 oz Fresh Pink Grapefruit Juice
  • Rimmed with Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Garnish with a dehydrated Pink Grapefruit Slice, if you prefer

With fresh lime juice and grapefruit juice, "refreshing" is probably the first word that comes to mind with this Paloma drink. Just think about sipping this cocktail while sitting on the back patio during sunset with the crew. With the colors of the sun combined with hues from this cocktail, you're now looking at a drink worthy of your next Instagram post. Perfection in a glass with a salt rim.

Paloma Recipe Tips and Pairings

Make sure you're using high-quality ingredients to make your Paloma Tequila. Trust us; you'll be able to taste the difference between low-quality cocktails and high-quality cocktails.

Make sure your grapefruit isn't over or under-ripe. If your grapefruit is too hard or squishy and mottled, best to skip the garnish or head out and buy a new one. 

The next time you're hosting your friends, you'll want to try your new pink Paloma drink recipe with these menu items. So what's a good cocktail drenched in fresh juice and a pinch of salt without a special menu to boot? 


It goes without saying, but a tequila cocktail with tacos is an absolute winning combination. From chicken to pork, any type of taco is sure to be a hit here with a Paloma Rosa. Also, don't forget to serve with a lime wedge or two. There's something about fresh lime juice and tacos, yum!

Pork Carnitas

You didn't think we'd go without mentioning Pork Carnitas here, did you? The Mexican slow cooker staple, Pork Carnitas, will be an unforgettable part of your evening. You can include agave nectar in your recipe to enhance the flavors of your cocktail.

Lime Cilantro Tilapia

It's not a classy meal without dipping into the ocean. A hearty tilapia dinner with lime and cilantro is a refreshing meal that goes well with a refreshing cocktail like the Paloma Rosa. You can even garnish tilapia with tequila lime juice for an extra kick.


Why not finish out the evening with this popular Mexican dessert? Fried dough sprinkled with cinnamon and a sweet dipping sauce will make anyone want to finish dinner quickly. There are a variety of recipes available, and you're sure to find the churro of your dreams.

Paloma Tequila Cocktail Ingredients

You can make a Paloma Rosa out of almost any tequila on the market. Come on, though. You don't want to risk botching a great cocktail. The Rosa Blanco is a unique pink tequila designed to give you tastes you never even knew existed. Aged in California red wine barrels for 30 days, this pink tequila takes in the aromas of raspberry, honey, and strawberry. 

But the flavor that takes our tequila to the next level – is cherry, dark berry, and orange agave forward notes. Have you ever had a tequila that makes you feel like you're taking a trip through California's Pacific Coast Highway? You will after trying our Rosa Blanco. 

Our Rosa Blanco is made with 100 percent blue agave, water, and natural yeast – all premium products selected with quality at the top of mind. Produced in Jalisco, this pink tequila comes from the Calirosa distillery in the region of Amatitan: NOM 1459. 

Of course, the Paloma Rosa is nothing without Rosa Blanco. We can assure you of that. After all, a pink drink deserves the best pink tequila. And the good news? The Rosa Blanco is available across the country. Just make sure you grab some fresh grapefruit juice or grapefruit soda.

What Are You Waiting For? 

Look, the search is on for that new, undiscovered cocktail. Forget bourbon and soda or the other cocktails you're used to drinking. The Paloma Rosa is the next cocktail you need to experience. 

Consider this: the next time your friends show up, do you want them drinking just any cocktail, or do you want them to leave knowing you make the best tequila drinks? Then, it is time to wow your friends with our Calirosa Tequilas. The best Paloma Tequila drink awaits. 

Did you make a Paloma Rosa? Share it with us! Tag @calirosa or use #calirosatequila on Instagram.


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