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Where can I buy Calirosa Tequila?

We currently have products available in stores and for shipment in these locations. We will continue to expand into new markets nationwide. Follow our Instagram or sign up for email and/or text notifications here to learn more about when you can purchase Calirosa in your hometown.

What percentage of alcohol is Calirosa?

Calirosa is bottled at 40% ABV.

How is Calirosa made?

Our tequila is made from 100% Blue Agaves handpicked in Jalisco, Mexico. We select only Weber agaves with more than 26% of sugar, versus the industry standard of 22-24%. Our tequilas are made in small batch fashion. Instead of using steel oven or diffuser technology for fast-paced productions, we cook the agaves in old fashioned brick ovens. Our traditional approach allows for more intense aromas on the nose along with citrus and herbal notes on the palate. Calirosa tequila uses its own natural yeast, found exclusively on-site at the distillery. Our freshly roasted agaves are milled in a traditional fashion and then fermented between 36-50 hours. It is during this process that our complex flavors and aromas are born. We distill twice using only traditional copper pot stills to ensure that the full-bodied liquids rolling off the line today taste as they would have a century ago. Due to our dedication to traditional production, we use up to 9 kilograms of agave per liter of tequila. Finally, all Calirosa Tequilas are aged in red-wine barrels sourced from the most prestigious wine regions of California. Rosa Blanco for 30 days, Anejo for 18 months and Extra Anejo for 36 months.

What types of tequila does Calirosa offer?

Calirosa is comprised of three different tequilas: Rosa, Añejo, and Extra Añejo, each one is aged in California Red Wine Barrels.

Is Calirosa a Highland or Lowland Tequila?

Our tequila is made from 100% Blue Agaves handpicked in Jalisco, Mexico. All of the agave used to make Calirosa is harvested from under the shadows of the Tequila Volcano, blending both the Highlands and valley of Jalisco, Mexico. We carefully select 100% Blue Weber agaves in the peak of maturation that results in a complex sipping tequila of incomparable taste.

Why is it Pink?

Calirosa Tequila turns pink from our unique California red wine barrel aging process.

Do the wine barrels change the flavor?

Yes, our unique California red wine aging process allows for unique aromas and flavors to be captured within our tequila

  • Rosa Blanco: Creamy mouthfeel with soft texture, notes of red berries and hint of agave with long finish  
  • Anejo: Well-rounded with a soft mouth feel and notes of chocolate, coffee, cooked fruit. Medium to long finish with a lovely after taste toffee and cinnamon. 
  • Extra anejo: Has a warm and velvety mouth feel with rich notes of cacao, coffee and raisins. Long lingering finish with lovely cognac style elegance.